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Everything you need to know
about lash extensions

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash Extensions are a synthetic lash that is long, thick and curled and is partially dipped in surgical grade adhesive. It is then placed on a single natural eyelash of yours just a fraction away from the eyelid, so it never touches the skin. 


How do I prepare for my appointment?

Arrive with your lashes as clean as possible, mascara and oil free, with a non-slippery cleanser. This will give you the strongest bond. Note: please avoid “Eye Make-up Removers”. Even though many say "Oil-Free" these often times contain oils or a slippery ingredient like oil. This type of cleaner will not give you the best bond. Any cleanser or soap that will give a squeaky clean lash will give a better result.


How long does the application take?

A regular new set of lash extensions takes 2 to 3 hours and a regular retouch will take about 1 to 1 1/2 hour.


How long will they last?

Around 6 to 8 weeks before entirely gone. Natural lashes are always growing & shedding. To keep extensions pretty and full, retouches are recommended about once every 2-3 weeks.


Can I wear mascara?

Yes! If, you like, but it's not necessary. Oil-Free mascara is recommended because oils tend to break down the adhesive. We carry Oil-Free Mascara and Oil-Free Lash Cleanser.

Can Flutters do a retouch on lashes I have had applied someplace else?

Yes! IF what you currently have on are single lashes glued to a single lash.

If there are some natural lashes glued together, we would spend part of the retouch appointment correcting those before reapplying and adding more lashes.

No! IF there are too many natural lashes glued together, we can not repair. Instead we would recommend removing the damaging application. Then scheduling time to apply safe and natural looking lashes.

Why are lashes glued together damaging?

All of our natural lashes grow at a different rate. If two or a group of lashes are glued together, when one lash begins to grow, it will pull out the ones glued into the group. This causes itching, swelling, irritation and bald spots of the lash line. In some cases these will not grow back due to stress. 

Do Lash Extensions damage my natural lashes?

No! Not if applied properly. Too much weight due to excess length or diameter or gluing natural lashes together can stress the lash follicle causing stunted growth. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to preserve the health of your natural lashes.


How do I remove Lash Extensions?

Lashes should only be removed by a professional with special adhesive softener. Adhesives are much better than they used to be. Removal with oils will likely pull out natural lashes.

Can I have a Lash Lift with Lash Extensions?

No! A Lash Lift is a curling process for natural lashes only. Extensions may be applied after a Lash Lift.


Reschedule & Cancellation Policy:

24 hrs before your appointment will be charged a fee of 1/2 your service, not to exceed $50, to accommodate others.

Online Booking:  

Will charge a 50% deposit. If for any reason you need to change your scheduled time, more that 24 hrs before. Your deposit will be automatically refunded.

Correction Policy:

If you should notice anything that needs some correction, notify us within 72 hours so we can correct it.

Child Policy:

To ensure the safety of our clients eyes during services, children under the age of 5 must be accompanied my another responsible adult.

Late Arriving Appointments:

Please arrive to your appt on time. We work on a full schedule, so if you arrive late your appointment time will be shorten to accommodate the next scheduled appointment and charged at the regular service fee.