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Allergic Reaction Protocol
to Lash Extension Adhesive

Swelling, tenderness or redness can be symptoms of an allergic reaction. Please follow the steps below:


1. Professional Lash Extension removal is the first action of defense. Contact Flutters to book an appointment for a lash removal.

2. Take Benadryl & apply liquid Flonase to all skin around the eyes to help relieve symptoms.

3. Apply cold packs to help reduce swelling.

4. Contact us for Professional lash removal.

Symptoms can reside for a day or two after removal.

Improperly applied Lashes may cause itching, poking, possible redness:


1. Lash Extensions attached to the skin. 

2.Multiple natural lashes glued together.


Lash extensions should always be professionally removed.

Flutters Lash takes every precaution to avoid improper application of lash extensions. 

After the lashes are removed, if swelling and irritation persists more than a day or two:


1.) Contact your eye doctor.

2.) Visit an after hours medical clinic or ER for further examination and treatment..


While allergic reactions are rare, about 3% may respond negatively to adhesives near the eyes.

Flutters offers a variety of sensitive adhesives that can be tested on a client beforehand. Schedule an Allergy Test, for a fee, if you may be allergic. Ordinarily, once the body has reacted to lash extension adhesives, it usually continues to react thereafter. 

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